Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY: revealed quote painting

It was raining over the weekend, so I painted 2 different paintings (check out the first one I did!).

This painting is very simple in concept, but a little longer in terms of steps. First take your colours (whichever colours you'd like.. I chose green, blue and grey) and paint them along your canvas, covering the surface. I left some of the canvas exposed.

Using removeable vinyl letters, place your words on the canvas. I put them onto a piece of painter's tape first, so I could arrange the letters before placing them on the canvas. This worked out well for me since the word 'Everything' was a little longer than I had expected. Having the flexibility of moving the letters was very helpful.

I removed the tape, and put the letters right on the canvas, exactly where I wanted the words to show up, and taped a herringbone pattern on the canvas as well.

Using white, I painted over everything, making sure no edges were lifting up, covering the entire canvas!

Lift up the tape and the vinyl letters to reveal the final product. Wow!

Here are the two paintings I did. It only took me a morning, not very long at all. I hope you enjoyed following the process! Painting was a lot of fun.